August 13, 2015

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Sponsored Research Opportunity: MacArthur Foundation

From: Lekita V. Scott Dawkins
Subject: Media: Documentary Film Grant Guidelines

The MacArthur Foundation is accepting proposals for documentary films until September 1st. If any faculty are working on domestic or international projects/topics which “address the significant social challenges of our time or explore important but under-reported topics in a journalistic manner” please send them my way!!!

MacArthur-Supported Documentaries:

  • Address important, contemporary social topics – international or domestic – illustrating the human impacts of public policy
  • Follow an issue over time, providing in-depth reporting that goes beyond conventional news coverage
  • Utilize compelling personal stories to engage viewers and create empathy
  • Appeal to a broad audience because  they treat different points of view with respect
  • Are factually accurate and follow best practices in documentary ethics
  • Are led by experienced filmmaking teams that have past success in bringing a documentary project to successful completion and reaching broad U.S. audiences
  • Are in production or post-production phase (on a very limited basis, we may consider projects seeking research and development funding)

 What We Don’t Fund:

  • Biographies or films profiling one person
  • Historical documentaries
  • Advocacy films
  • Student films
  • Fiction films
  • Multi-part television series
  • Distribution, outreach or community engagement campaigns
  • Films primarily focused on sports, or the arts, without a social issue component

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